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Jerrie's Pet Place Testimonials

Dear Jerrie,

We bought Rocky a little over two years ago. Rocky is spoiled rotten and has to be spoon fed. He has a large queen size bed...that he just happens to share with me!! My mom ran into someone the other night that recently bought a Chihuahua from you and they talked for ever about how precious they were. My mom and I both agree that you were the best person we could of bought our baby from! Rocky still has hundreds of toys he plays with regularly. Sometimes I will catch him robbing my stuffed animals out of a basket in my room! He also loves to play with our cat, which just lets Rocky chew and bite all over him.

One day when we are in the neighborhood we will see if we can stop by for Rocky to visit you!


Karen Price & Rocky

Dear Mrs. Cobb,

Heidi and Tipper are both doing fine. They love playing with each other and want to be right together all the time. Chuck, the boys and I just love them! They are doing a great job helping out mending hearts.

Thanks so much,

Carla Gibson


You have given me the most precious gift of my life, my little dog Kaffee. She is so perfect for me. She is my favorite dog and I have had some good dogs. We all spoil her. She plays with my other dog which is a poodle. I have a big picture window in my living room and everyday Kaffee will sit for a long time in the sunshine. She is a very happy dog. I can't even express in words how much I love Kaffee.

Thank you so much for making her.



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